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ROMA. It is on train to his Bologna, the Undersecretary of Health Sandra Zampa. He throws a look around and “once again I see many empty seats – he notes -, much less than the maximum limit allowed”. By now – it is the reasoning – few travel for tourism, people move mainly for work needs: «For this reason I would be cautious about the hypothesis of closing the borders between regions. It would be a heavy measure from an economic point of view and any benefits we would derive from it in terms of decreasing infections should be evaluated. But a tightening on anti-Covid measures will be needed. For example, the measures adopted for transport should be rethought ”.

Will there be an intervention in this sense in the next Dpcm?
«I can tell you that the Regions would do well to open a discussion with the ministry, with the Technical-Scientific Committee and with Minister Boccia in order to put their hand to the provision approved in September. Setting the maximum capacity limit for buses at 80% was risky. Having such a high threshold, without effective control on board, means leaving the possibility that you can easily reach 100% full public transport ».

How can you intervene?
«I see two practicable roads. It is possible to introduce the obligation to use disposable gloves on board public transport, increasing the pace of sanitization of the vehicle, several times a day, because just once is not enough. Alternatively, you can lower the maximum capacity limit to 50%. Even in this case, however, the pace of sanitization should be increased “.

Will the mandatory nature of outdoor masks not be sufficient to reduce the number of infections?

«We will be able to do a first evaluation of the impact of this measure in about ten days. As with schools, time is needed to analyze the effects. But it is undoubtedly useful to give a signal to the population, because today we cannot think of returning to live as before. There is a time for everything. This is the time to be careful and rigorous. That of parties and open stadiums will come when there are effective therapies or the vaccine ».

You speak of a country that has let its guard down. Isn’t that the government’s responsibility?
“During the summer, more responsible choices and behaviors could be made, that’s for sure. The Ministry of Health, however, can be accused of everything except for not having fought, even against pseudo-experts and folkloristic characters, to keep the attention high ».

Earlier you mentioned parties and stadiums. Will more restrictions come?
“He will certainly ask to reduce attendance to parties and weddings. Inside the stadium there would be no problem, because there is space and it is outdoors, but the problem is outside, in accessing and exiting the facilities. That’s why I don’t think it’s wise to increase the audience limit. Let’s think about the essential things ».

There is talk of introducing a curfew at 11pm for clubs, bars and restaurants. Isn’t this a measure with too heavy an economic effect?
“The cost of managing an epidemic is much higher. I guess you can think of hourly restrictions, I still have to talk to my ministry, but if a curfew arrives at 11pm for clubs and restaurants, I am sure that the government will accompany it to support measures for the activities concerned “.

Are you in favor of reducing the quarantine from 14 to 10 days?
‘Scientists have to express themselves. There is no political discretion in an assessment of this kind. The orientation seems to be to lower it, probably keeping the two negative pads to get out, but the last word is up to the experts. In the meantime, let’s think about tracing and containing the infections ».

The Immuni app could help, but still few have downloaded it. Will you never make it mandatory?
«Obligation is not contemplated. It remains an extraordinary tool to rebuild the contacts of a positive and isolate potentially contagious people, but it’s true: we need to take a step further. Professors should invite their pupils to download it, as well as parents with their children and vice versa. We need a pact between generations to protect each other “.

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