Sandra, Nurse: They made me do hours as a black OSS. I denounced!

Sandra, Nurse: they made me do hours as an OSS paying them out of the envelope. I have reported the company.

Sandra, a nurse, tells us her story at our invitation, after having published a post where she talked about it.

He had to omit details as his experience will become a court case.

“Dear editorial staff,

it seems right to tell my story, albeit short.

I have been working for several years for a company that controls several RSAs, especially in my region.

In August, under staff shortages, they asked me to work overtime. I accepted but once I got into work I found out that I would cover the OSS shift.

Not being able to leave the service because according to the coordinator “it did not take anything” to say that I was there as a nurse and then to report me for leaving, I swore to go to the bottom.

Stronger conviction at the end of the month, when they gave me 50 euros out of the envelope because I returned. That is, you make me do the oss and you also pay me in black?

I asked my lawyer (who is a friend of the family) and he advised me to report him.

Not to take money or revenge but to allow these criminals to be finally caught.

Last year they put a Ukrainian worker on the street because she got pregnant. They learned about it from colleagues before she could apply for maternity.

Also last year they denied renewal to a young and talented fellow nurse.

Thanks for the opportunity to disclose.


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