Sandra Milo: “At 87 I have to work to support my children”

I am 87 years old and I need to work to support my children, Azzurra and Ciro, who are unemployed. He also has a child, my 7-year-old grandson Flavio, and also my daughter-in-law Vanessa without a job. So I, lucky enough to be healthy, have to work to help them. And then if I have to do something I don’t think about it too much: the thought that tires me. This was confessed by Sandra Milo who, in an interview with the weekly Nuovo, explained the reasons that force her to work nonstop at her age.

The stop for the health emergency

The problem is not only the age of the actress – even if carried very well – but also the health emergency in the country that forced her to a forced rest. I suddenly found myself out of work – she said -. I should have made my debut in Milan with the show “Oysters and American coffee”, a story of drag queen, a wonderful and very Fellini-like subject. But because of Covid-19 everything went wrong. I also had a film to make and couldn’t do it due to the health emergency. Fortunately, there is the small screen that still seems to love Sandra Milo’s guests and opinions very much. After all, she has successfully covered the role of correspondent for La Vita in Diretta Estate alongside her daughter Debora Ergas. But not only that: there was also the debut on social networks to fight the boredom of quarantine, and also the battle against the government to support artists and entertainment workers. In short, a new spring for her who, on the threshold of 90 years of leaving her profession, does not think about it. It is not known whether for pleasure or necessity.

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