Sandra Bullock takes a break from the movies to spend time with her family

Sandra Bullock has decided to take a break from the world of cinema. The actress, after presenting The lost Cityhis latest feature film with Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe as main companions, in addition to Brad Pitt, he has communicated that he wants to dedicate all the time he has to be with his children and his partner, so that the cameras will be separated for a while. It has not been determined how long the actress will be “disappeared”.

Bullock has exposed this to Entertainment Tonight Canada at Festival SXSWin Texas: “I take my job very seriously. But right now I just want to be with my kids and family 24/7. This means I’m going to take some time off. Back, But I still don’t know when. Maybe when (my kids) are 16- or 17-year-olds.”

a long break

Currently, the children of the actress of Unforgivable,Louis and Laila, They are eleven and eight years old respectively.. That means we may not see Bullock again on film or television for another eight years. A long season, of course, that in no way resembles that rest that Ryan Reynolds was taking from the movies. Basically because we haven’t stopped seeing the latter in projects released on platforms and he has constant works in motion, making it really seem like he’s never left. Tom Holland I was also planning that break after premiering two hits as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted.

The lost City will be released next April 13 in theaters and, thus, it is postulated as one of the last occasions in which we will be able to see the actress in the short term. Bullock is one of the most successful actresses of the moment, so in her return she will not be short of jobs at all.

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