Sander explains why Coen was not welcome at his wedding

In their own words, Coen and Sander have never been so honest about each other, their past together and the future as in the interview they give to Renze Klamer. It doesn’t take long for Renze to broach the somewhat painful subject. Because what about Sander’s wedding exactly, and where was the invitation for Coen?

“I would like to say something about that, since it was my wedding”, Sander begins. “It’s not entirely true.” He got married in ‘two stages’. “The first part was very, very small in Italy. There were only family members and a handful of friends that we have known for over twenty, thirty years. And Coen is not one of them.”

That does not mean that Coen was not part of the wedding at all. “In addition, we are married for the rest of the plebs in Amsterdam”, Sander continues. “Coen and his then girlfriend were just there. Then we completely rocked Bob’s Party Saloon.”

The fact that Coen does not belong to Sander’s intimate circle has given him a little niggling. “There was a moment … But later I understood that it was really for the intimates. I think it is very important that you do not invite people because you think: oh yes, I should invite them too, otherwise I will get bullshit.”

Part 1 of ‘The Interview’ can now be viewed on the website of 538.

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