Sanctions against Russia – Russian ambassador to the United States tried to “trade” Ukraine for the sake of concessions from the West – UNIAN

Anatoly Antonov tried to “agree” on the Ukrainian issue with the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the USA Anatoly Antonov offered former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzadom a “secret truce”. The Russian diplomat tried to scare “the Nazis in Kyiv.”

The publication writes about it Politico.

It is noted that the diplomats had dinner at the Cafe Milano restaurant in Georgetown. Khalilzad urged his colleague from the Russian Federation to find some way “to end Russia’s war against Ukraine.” Nazis in Kyiv”.

“Do you have many Jews living here in the United States? Why do they tolerate everything that is happening in Kyiv?” – said the Russian ambassador.

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After that, Antonov began to complain that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was allegedly destroying the future of the country. In the course of further conversation, the Russian diplomat even stated that Russia “demands respect” and “wants the United States to respect Russia.”

As UNIAN previously reported, on June 15, US President Joe Biden announced the allocation of another package of military aid in the amount of 1 billion dollars.

Help package includesMLRS guided missiles, 18 M777 howitzers and 36,000 projectiles for them, two additional Harpoon anti-ship systems for coastal security, thousands of protected radio and night vision devices and other optical devices.

In addition, the allocation of 225 million dollars for humanitarian assistance to the population has been announced.

Also on June 23, Pentagon Speaker John Kirby stated that The United States will give Ukraine an additional package of military aid for 450 million dollars.

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