Sanctions against Russia – Moldova has found a substitute for Russian gas – UNIAN

The country’s authorities have already chosen seven suppliers of “blue fuel”

Authority Moldova looking for a new gas supplier to replace Gazprom. We have already chosen seven companies that will supply gas to the country from next month.

This is reported Reuters.

According to Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, the Russian gas monopoly is “unpredictable”. At the same time, Moldova expects to receive 300 million euros from the EBRD if Moscow cuts off gas supplies.

“So far we have chosen seven companies. Gazprom is not one of them,” said the politician.

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Note that “Gazprom” can cut off the gas supply if the audit of the debt for deliveries, estimated at $ 709 million, is not completed. Chisinau has promised to acknowledge the debt if confirmed by an independent review, which has not been carried out.

“We will find out his decision on gas supplies in October on the last day, perhaps in the last hours”, summed up Spinu.

As previously reported by UNIAN, on August 31, Gazprom deliveries temporarily suspended gas in Europe via Nord Stream. The company said oil leaks were found on parts of the pipeline’s compressor and that the equipment had to be shut down until they were repaired.

On the evening of September 2, the Russian gas company Gazprom announced a complete stop pumping gas through the Nord Stream pipeline for an indefinite period. at the White House e European Commission reacted to the decision of the Russian Federation.

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