San Lorenzo and Obras will animate the night of La Liga

– San Martín (Corrientes) (6th, 16-8) vs. Olímpico (La Banda) (9th, 12-11)

. Hour: 11:00 Where to see it: La Liga Contenidos / TyC Sports Play.

. Stadium: Hector Etchart.

. Record: San Martin 18-16. In 2020/21: San Martín 1-0 (66-62).

The Corrientes team will seek recovery after four consecutive defeats that took it away from the top positions in the standings. After a devastating start, the saint won half of his last 16 games.

Olímpico will play again after more than 20 days due to a massive contagion of coronavirus in his squad. Their last meeting dates from January 18, when they beat Oberá Tenis Club by 83 to 78.

– La Unión (Formosa) (13th, 10-15) vs. Platense (CABA) (13-13)

. Hour: 19:00 Where to see it: La Liga Contenidos / TyC Sports Play.

. Stadium: Hector Etchart.

. Record: The Union 1-0. In 2020/21: They did not fight.

The Union wants to continue on the path of victory after chaining three victories in a row against Gimnasia de Comodoro, San Martín and Hispano, which allowed him to take a breath and get away from the bottom of the table.

The Squid comes from stumbling in a strenuous match against Boca yesterday, where he fell 86-8 and accumulated his second loss in a row.

– Works (CABA) (2nd, 19-7) vs. San Lorenzo (CABA) (4th, 18-8)

. Hour: 21:30 Where to see it: DirecTV.

. Stadium: Hector Etchart.

. Record: San Lorenzo (18-8). In 2020/21: Works 1-0 (83-82)

The Cyclone and the Tachero come from facing each other in the Americas Champions League, where those led by Silvio Santander prevailed by 86 to 81. While in La Liga the first cross was in the hands of Núñez’s.

San Lorenzo arrives with good feelings after the two victories in the premiere of the continental competition, where he also beat Franca. Obras, for his part, the other way around, lost in the two games he played and will seek recovery.

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