San José residents oppose the sale of the land from the old Alumalsa factory | News

The San José Neighborhood Association and the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Zaragoza (FABZ) have taken to the streets this Sunday in protest against the sale of municipal land from the old Alumalsa factory. Neighbors have demanded that these lands be used for the construction of 106 municipal rental housing, the execution of public facilities on the site (kindergarten and senior center), the construction of an underground public parking lot for vehicles, and the conditioning of the left bank of the Paseo del Canal.

The mobilization took place this Sunday morning, and Successive concentrations have been scheduled every second Sunday of each month. From these groups they have asked: “Who will be able to buy from private developers a flat for 500,000 euros on those lands?”, indicating that: “it will not be the young people of the neighborhood, many of them unemployed; neither will the mileurista families; or some of our elders, who live without an elevator or heating and with architectural barriers”, they have said.

In this way, both organizations have rejected the planned sale of land by the city government and have defended “municipal intervention for the sake of a decent and affordable housing in the neighborhood for young and old. “

Neighbors have said, “they trust that their claims will be heard by the Zaragoza City Council “, as happened 25 years ago, when they demanded the cleaning of what they describe as an ‘authentic landfill’, such as the sites of the old Alumalsa factory, while claiming a sports center and homes in the area. According to the group, thanks in part to the demonstrations that took place in 1996, the Pepe Garcés municipal sports facility was built.



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