San Isidro: incidents were registered in the vaccination of Chancellor Óscar Maúrtua | COVID-19 vaccination | VIDEO nndc | LIME

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, , had an incident when he went to be immunized against the in a vaccination center in the San Isidro district. People who were waiting to be inoculated pointed out that the chancellor would not have, allegedly, made the line and waited his turn to receive the vaccine.

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The incident was filmed in several videos that were quickly disclosed on social networks. In the images you can see the minister sitting about to receive the vaccine and a group of older adults claiming a supposed preference.

About, Oscar Maúrtua gave his discharge and offered apologies for what happened. “There was a reaction from a certain public who attacked me with painful expressions. If anything occurred that could be misinterpreted, I apologize”, He declared to TV Peru.


Óscar Maúrtua apologizes for the vaccination incident
Óscar Maúrtua apologizes for the vaccination incident

The chancellor remarked that he “never behaves with privileged situations“; However, he noted that due to his age, he may have had a “proper treatment of the elderly”.

“Nothing more to limit, I consider the fact overcome. Sorry that there have been some drastic reactions and I don’t want to make any major qualifications”, He sentenced Maúrtua.

Regrets motion for presidential vacancy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, , also commented on the issue of the vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo in Congress. “It is very unfortunate, very painful, I am a jurist and it is painful that something like this occurs. The president has been anointed by the people, he is the triumphant of an electoral contest and he must be respected. It is a real crazy idea [la vacancia], you have to let the people manifest“Maurtua told TV Peru.

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“I have had reactions from various sectors that see with regret that democracy, which allows Peru to have a positive image, is damaged by this proposal, that it damages investment and stability, that it damages the rule of law. Peruvians want to live in peace, attitudes of this type confuse the image of the country ”, added.

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