San Francisco de los Romo, Aguascalientes witnesses execution of five individuals.

AGUASCALIENTES, Ags. (appro). – Five people were murdered early this Friday in the La Ribera subdivision, in the municipality of San Francisco de los Romo, in the metropolitan area of ​​Aguascalientes.

Four of the victims, three of them women, were in an apartment when armed men shot them to death. Another man, identified as Francisco Javier “N”, was executed hours later in the same way and in the same subdivision, half a block from the first crime scene.

La Ribera is a peripheral subdivision, little monitored, with various social problems and forgotten by the authorities of that municipality, governed by the PRI member Margarita Gallegos Soto, who has not ruled on what happened.

Interviewed by local media, the state public security secretary, Manuel Alonso García, tried to justify the fact by assuring that all the victims are, in some way, related to drug dealing, without detailing the information.

“There are many houses in the Ribera that are invaded. Investigations are being carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office, unfortunately these people were engaged in the issue of drug dealing, drug use and have been the repeater with addicted people and come to deprive them of their lives in riding halls.

Alonso García also said that the victims also had a history of drug use and possession “and other crimes”; and he accepted that they already had reports on drug use in the first house, where the four people were murdered.

“It is known of the participation of at least two people, it is one who directly enters the home and another who waits for it, there is a line of investigation with a vehicle and a motorcycle,” he said about the investigation that is carried out jointly. with the Prosecutor’s Office.

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In the last six years, the crime rate in Aguascalientes has increased by more than 50% and January 2023 has been the most violent start to the year since 2017. During that month, 21 people were victims of homicide in the entity, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

At the moment, the governor, Teresa Jiménez, has not ruled on the fact and it is known that she is not in Aguascalientes. The president began a tour on national television programs, such as Hoy and Venga la Alegría, publicizing the next edition of the San Marcos National Fair.

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