San Antonio Police Continue Investigating Immigrant Recruitment Case | Video | Univision 41 San Antonio KWEX

another immigrant.annuar: on this subject, on thisrecruitment of migrants,let’s talk to waterSaverio Salazar.we would like to know any progressyou want to share withwe.>> we have received informationmore people, yetwe continue to investigate.right now we areorganize a teamdetective to talk to thevictims and witnesses.anuar: we know we need to talkwith ictim, they couldother crimes committed?>> there may be other crimes,we’ll have to talk tothen see if there is a crimeall information.with photographs, usleón photos of a woman,of a truck that couldbe behind thisrecruiting, you knowsomething about this?>> we aresearching for any informationhe arrives.even if we don’t get onephotos, we must guaranteethat car and that personI was involved in the crimebefore giving information to

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