Samuel Sekuritas: JCI plunges deeply, BCA shares weaken after profit-taking actions

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Composite index of stock prices or JCI extension fell quite deeply in the trading session on Thursday 1st December 2022, closing the session at the 7020.8 level which is 0.85% lower than yesterday’s closing figure (7081.3).

This condition occurs amid a positive sentiment from the slowdown inflation Indonesia in November at 5.42% year on year (October: 5.71% year on year),

Analyst team Samuel Titles Indonesia noted that by the end of today’s trading session, as many as 237 stocks have strengthened, while 308 have weakened and 158 have stagnated, with the transaction value reaching IDR 17 trillion, a trading frequency of 1 .2 million times and volume trade 354 million lots.

“Shares of a new real estate issuer on the exchange, Wulandari Bangun Laksana Tbk (BSBK), were the most actively traded shares in today’s trading session, with the transaction frequency reaching 46,235 times, followed by RAFI (43,382) and BBCA (36,943 times). ),” quoted by Samuel Sekuritas’ analyst team.

In terms of volumes, BSBK shares were also the most traded in today’s first session, with volumes reaching 14.4 million lots, followed by BUMI (9.8 million) and BNBR (9.7 million).

The Transportation Sector Index (IDXTRANS) was the sector index that closed today’s trading session with the largest gain (+1.22%), followed by the Energy Sector Index (IDXENERGY) (+1 .17%) and the industrial sector index (IDXINDUST) (+1.14 percent).

Meanwhile, the technology sector index (IDXTECHNO) became the sector index that closed today’s trading session with the deepest drop (-1.47%), followed by the financial sector index (IDXFINANCE) (-1.47%) and the non-cyclical consumer sector index (IDXNONCYC) (-0.53%).

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