Samuel L. Jackson to lend his voice to Amazon Alexa

(Relaxnews) – The iconic American actor is the first celebrity to officially lend his voice to Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa. It will be possible to activate it in the options.

According to Amazon, more celebrity voices will be added over time starting in 2020. The Samuel L. Jackson Voice Pack will be available later this year for an introductory price of 99 cents. Users will then be able to select the chastise or more slang modes.

The voice of the actor of “Pulp Fiction”, “The Avengers” or even “Serpents on the plane” was recorded thanks to a new technological process, the Neural Text-to-Speech, developed by Amazon, a- we learned from the Seattle firm.

The idea is to give more choice to users who sometimes complain about the lack of choice and humanity in Alexa’s female voice. Those who get the Sam Jackson pack will just have to ask: “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel Jackson”.

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