Samuel L. Jackson teaches you the art of insulting … for a good cause

(ETX Studio) – “Snakes on the Plane”, “Jurassic Parc”, “Pulp Fiction” … It’s hard to keep track of all the films in which Samuel L. Jackson devoted himself to the noble art of ‘insult. The American actor has decided to put his profanity skills at the service of the upcoming U.S. presidential election, and to teach movie fans the basics of insulting in more than 15 languages.

Samuel L. Jackson presented this electoral initiative of a new kind on his social networks where he promised his millions of followers that he would offer swearing lessons in more than 15 languages.

If the American actor is obviously an informed polyglot, he is nonetheless a fervent activist. Indeed, these insult courses will only be offered if 2,500 Internet users visit the site of the non-partisan association HeadCount to indicate their intention to vote on November 13 for the American presidential election.

A goal that was achieved in just a few hours, since Samuel L. Jackson recently posted an educational video in which he teaches Internet users how to invite someone to go and show off. And this in Swahili, Czech, Maori, Haitian and even in Basque.

Encourage voters to go to the polls

Although this initiative may make you smile, many personalities are mobilizing in recent weeks to encourage Americans to go to the polls on November 13. This is notably the case of Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, Usher and Taylor Swift, all of whom participate in the “Just Vote” campaign of HeadCount and Global Citizen.

This initiative aims to push nearly 50,000 young people to register on the electoral rolls in anticipation of the US presidential election, which will pit outgoing President Donald Trump against Democratic candidate and former vice-president of Barack Obama, Joe Biden.

By indicating their electoral status on the HeadCount site, these potential voters will have access to “exclusive experiences, performances and other collectibles” like a video chat with Lenny Kravitz, and an acoustic mini concert by Dave Matthews. And all for a good cause.

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