Samsung wants to get rid of the pressure. A smartphone can last up to t years without them


Today’s smartphones have practically nothing in common with original mobile phones. The displays are basically bright, smooth and colorful, especially since they are touch sensitive. The physical alphanumeric keyboard has lost its meaning here. Charger connectors are also different, in this regard manufacturers are slowly but surely moving towards uniform USB-C. The construction is also different, let’s not talk about the hype. I still have modern and modern devices, that is, a good control button to control the volume and turn the phone on / off and activate its display.

If we leave out the request for a physical SIM, in his case, the current generation of Apple’s iPhone has signaled a new trend to use only electronic SIMs (e-SIMs), so this is practically the only element that differentiates smartphones from their predecessors. . Soon they will also be able to drink this link at n. At least it indicates it a Twitter user who goes under the pseudonym of Conor. According to him, Samsung plans to remove all physical pressure from the Galaxy S series devices.

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