Samsung update Improves Battery Life Galaxy Note 20 (Ultra)

Samsung wants to reduce battery consumption with an upcoming software update Galaxy Note 20 in Note 20 Ultra improve. The update is already rolling out in a number of countries, including Germany.

Samsung rolled out a camera update and a security update to the Galaxy Note 20 in recent days. Users can also expect a battery update in the coming days. German users report that they can now download the update with firmware version N98 ** XXU1ATJ1. The changelog states that the update should provide a longer battery life, a more stable dark mode and a more stable camera app.

The latest update is not currently rolling out in the Netherlands, but if there are no problems with the rollout in other countries, we can also expect the update in the Netherlands within a few days. Users will receive a notification as soon as the update is ready for their device.

via [galaxyclub]


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