Samsung UE49 good deal: the curved 49-inch 4K TV is displayed at less than 500 €

Need a large curved 4K TV for better immersion? The 49-inch Samsung UE49 TV is available for an excellent price at Cdiscount right now.

New apartment, new house? The good thing about having a bigger living room is that you have more space, but that also implies that our 25 inch TV which looked great in our 20m2 studio has all of a sudden look much smaller and disproportionate. So you might as well turn to a new, larger and affordable television, which also offers a curved screen and 4K, right? Especially when it is offered at a discount as is the case at the moment at Cdiscount, with TV Samsung UE49.


SAMSUNG UE49RU7372 on Cdiscount

493,59 €

While you normally have to spend around 650 € to get this TV from Samsung, you can now find the UE49 model priced at € 493.59 at Cdiscount. In other words, for less than 500 €, you can enjoy a TV with Samsung quality, offering a large 49-inch screen and 4K which corresponds to a very good deal.. Especially since you can lower this price thanks to a cashback or to coupon codes available at this address. And if you’re looking for another TV, without the curved side, we invite you to take a look at this offer on a Philips TV.

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