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Samsung will stop its own cloud storage Gallery Sync and Drive from mid-next year. Customers can download their files before then, but also transfer them to OneDrive. Samsung makes a tool for that.

Samsung will only stop using the Gallery and Drive cloud services for storing photos and files. It is also no longer possible to take out a Premium subscription for more storage. Other Samsung Cloud services will continue to exist, including the storage of contacts, calendars and notes. Samsung writes that it will begin shutting down on October 5 this year, and customers will no longer be able to download their data at all from July 2021. Samsung does not give a reason for stopping the cloud storage.

From October 5 of this year, it is no longer possible for Dutch and Belgian users to register for new users of Gallery Sync and Drive. From that moment there will also come a tool available with which users can download their data. Users can also transfer their data to OneDrive from Microsoft. A tool to migrate the data will also be available from 5 October. The rollout of those features can take up to thirty days, Samsung says.

The tool will be available until April 1, 2021. From then on, users will have to manually transfer their data. It is also no longer possible to use Gallery Sync and Drive from April 1. Customers with a premium subscription can then also cancel it and request a refund of their remaining amount. From June 30, 2021 it will no longer be possible to download data.

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