Samsung removes advertisements that make fun of Apple not giving chargers in iPhone boxes, what signs?, Jakarta – Samsung caught erasing a advertisement for Samsung who mocked Apple for his decision not to include the head charger (adapter) on the iPhone 12 packaging.

This has led many to suspect that flagship smartphone Samsung in the future, the Galaxy S21 will not be equipped with a head charger.

Please note, last October, a Facebook upload made by Samsung Caribbean quips Apple’s head off charger on iPhone 12.

The upload in question shows a photo adapter charger with a narrative “Included with your Galaxy” aka available together with the Galaxy device being sold.

“(Smartphone) Galaxy provides everything you need, from basic things like charger, the best camera, battery, performance, memory, and 120Hz screen in one smartphone, “said Samsung in an advertisement uploaded on October 13, 2020, shortly after Apple released its iPhone 12.



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