Samsung Neon: what should we expect from the artificial human project?

Now a mysterious shadow hangs over the CES 2020, Samsung could reveal a mysterious artificial human project there. Enough to arouse our curiosity a few days before the opening of the largest tech fair in the world.

Samsung neon

For a few months, a Samsung subsidiary named STAR Labs has been talking about a project called “Neon”, an “artificial human” who will be unveiled at CES 2020. We have already talked about that.

Samsung has not impressed its world with its Bixby assistant, which has long been exclusively accessible to English and Korean speakers, the assistant was completely overtaken by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. The Korean manufacturer has failed to convince us in the field of artificial intelligence.

January 5, 2020 update:

Project manager Pranav Mistry has released a teaser confirming that Neon is nothing short of realistic avatar technology. Digital beings will be based on “captured data”, but they can generate their own expressions, movements and sayings in multiple languages.

Posted by Pranav Mistry, one of the Neon project managers

A series of videos unearthed by Reddit users and compiled by Good Content (below) seems to offer more details. Appearances and expressions are realistic because they are initially based on real people, but it seems impossible to differentiate between recorded expressions and simulated expressions.

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Original article:

Samsung Neon: an artificial human?

So far, we have very few official details, but most of the clues point to the announcement of some sort of digital avatar technology: a human-made computer image with which users can interact. The latter could be used for entertainment purposes or by businesses to create digital receptionists, customer service, etc.

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Samsung has been careful not to describe it as a voice assistant or artificial intelligence. Instead, the Korean company uses terms like “artificial human” or “being artificial” to describe its project.

The project is led by Pranav Mistry, human-machine interaction researcher and former vice president of Samsung Electronics. Pranav Mistry is now CEO of STAR Labs (which stands for Samsung Technology & Advanced Research) and of the new company Neon. According to some shared tweets, Neon is a ” artificial intelligence that will make you wonder which of you is real “.

Samsung Research America has registered various brands, such as “NEON Artificial Human”, “NEON.Life” and “Core R3”.

It remains to be seen how Neon will be different from Bixby and the other assistants, and how he can fill the gaps and lag in Samsung’s assistant. Fortunately, the wait will not be long, as Neon will be revealed at CES 2020.

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