Samsung lets you choose your own colors on Flip 3. Put your own stamp on the handset

Yesterday, Samsung held a little box and quite honestly, it was not too much to cheer for. Especially not for us in Sweden. The company presented a new variant of Flip 3 called Bespoke Edition that you can design relatively freely. Or more specifically, you can choose the color of the panel on the front, back and frame to make the already unique phone a little more unique. You can choose between five colors on the panels and either a black or white frame.

Only customers in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea and the United Kingdom can take advantage of the offer and the price is 1100 dollars. However, we have access to the tool, so if you want to create your own Flip 3, just click on the link here to the left.

During the event, we also found out that the Galaxy Watch 4 has received a new update that comes with four new dials.



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