Samsung is jumping right to fix the bandwagon

Giving consumers the right to repair modern devices, such as smartphones, on their own is a hot topic, but at least one major manufacturer trusts the people who buy its products.

Samsung just announced that it is offering select Galaxy owners the tools and skills to solve common smartphone and tablet problems. The company has partnered with iFixit to launch an auto repair program, complete with official tools and spare parts.

Here’s how it works. Those who want to do their own repairs can visit Samsung’s automatic repair page and purchase easy-to-use tools and official spare parts. These parts are sold at cost, and Samsung also provides official repair guides for a number of common problems, with detailed visual and written instructions.

Samsung’s new auto repair program is better than Apple’s

For its part, iFixit opens various online forums for Samsung customers so that people can ask questions to “better understand the specific actions required to perform a self-repair”. “

Original Samsung parts are now available for Galaxy S20, S21 and Tab S7 + models, with increased availability over time. For now, the range includes parts related to screens, batteries, charging ports and rear glass sections.

The repair kits also include a free return label to send the broken parts to Samsung for recycling.

“Samsung Self-Repair is another way for customers to extend the life of their devices before they are recycled,” said Mark Williams, Samsung’s vice president of customer service.

For now, this service is only available to US customers, but Samsung says it will expand to other countries, devices, and parts in the coming months.

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