Samsung Introduces Its First Phone With Dual Screen Folds

The month of August was marked by arrival of folding smartphones da Samsung, o Galaxy Z Fold 3 it’s the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Now the South Korean manufacturer continues to advance its development of displays with folds and presented a device with two articulations.

The revelation was made during the International Display Expo (IMID), an event held in South Korea this week. The images released by Samsung show that o display OLED dand 17.3 inches is able to fold in two different places.

The model supports multitasking with split screen function. The company also said that the user can unfold the screen and use it both horizontally and vertically, based on what is running on the device.

A Samsung did not reveal more information about the device. It is still not known what the name of the cell phone will be, nor when it will reach the market. The expectation is that the manufacturer reveals more details about the model in the coming months.

There are times that Rumors arise that Samsung Display is developing a screen with two hinges for a smartphone. Initially, expectations were that the model would be released in 2021, but now this is unlikely to happen.

It was even considered that the new concept could be called Galaxy Z Duo-Fold or Galaxy Z Tri-Fold. It is worth noting that the model presented at the event is a prototype, that is, it may undergo some modifications if it is officially launched on the market.

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