Samsung has created a robot that can pour wine into a glass

Samsung has developed a prototype of a Bot Handy robot that can put dirty dishes in the sink, remove clothes and pour wine into a glass. Cameras and artificial intelligence technologies are used to recognize objects.

Samsung Research President Sebastian Sung said the robot is intended to be an extension of humans in the kitchen, living room, and wherever an extra hand may be needed. The company is going to train Bot Handy to also collect laundry, load the dishwasher, set the table, pour drinks into glasses and bring them to people. According to the company, the robot can detect the material from which the object is made and grip it with the necessary force, depending on the size, weight and shape.

In addition, the company showed an updated version of Bot Care, a robotic assistant that can take care of its owner, reminding the person when to take a break from work. He can also remember important events and remind of appointments.

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