Samsung Galaxy S9 updates will no longer take place every month

For many years, Samsung was one of the companies with very poor software support. Recently, however, this has changed dramatically and Korean society is one of the best. Due to the large number of devices that Samsung releases, regular monthly updates cannot be expected for all models. From time to time, the company announces the transition to less frequent updates on the support site. Now it has affected several devices. The main news is that Samsung Galaxy S9 updates will be released every three months from this month. So far, we have been able to see monthly security updates.

Another update to the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released in the summer of 2021

Samsung Galaxy S9 was released in 2018 and until April 2021 received monthly security updates, which is a very good rating in the world of Android devices. Now would be the owners of these phones should have received at least four more quarterly security updates and then move on to biannual updates. Please note that these are really security updates that do not mean new features or a new version of Android. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will still run on Android 10which came out in February last year.

Other changes concern cheaper phones Samsung Galaxy A30 and Galaxy M30, which have so far received quarterly security updates. Updates will now appear every six months. Software support was then completely discontinued for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tabletwhich received the update for four years.

The list also includes news in the form of Samsung Galaxy A52 / A52 5G, where owners can look forward to monthly security updates, as well as Samsung Galaxy A32 5G / Galaxy A72, where updates are planned every three months.

Are you happy with Samsung phone updates?


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