Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Uses a 200MP Lens? Here’s the Release Date and Progress

Gala – Samsung is rumored to be developing lens camera 200MP to support smartphone flagship in its S series, namely Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Lens camera berukuran 200MP became the biggest for the past two years, because all this time smartphone flagship just given lens camera most size big 108MP.

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In 2020, Samsung brought up the camera 108MP di Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The following year, the Korean gadget company still uses lens 108MP for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Launching Business Korea, Samsung entrusted two companies for development lens 200MPnamely Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

It is said that the Mobile Communications and Electro-Mechanics Division, Samsung is close to finalizing a sensor called ISOCELL HP3, which is a development of the previous ISOCELL HP1.

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It is not certain whether lens 200MP it will be used for Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the characteristics camera like it might be compatible with the device flagship latest Samsung.

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