Samsung Galaxy S22 price, release date and colors

The Galaxy S22 series is coming. Most specs and design are already known. Read more about the expected price, colors and availability here.

As time goes by comes the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series closer and closer. Three more models are expected, a base model, a Galaxy S22 Plus and a Galaxy S22 Ultra. Over the past period a lot has become known about the specs and design of the new devices. The Ultra model in particular will receive a completely new design, which will closely resemble the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – including the right angles and the S Pen compartment. Now that almost all details are already known about the new S-serie smartphones, we are probably cautiously looking ahead to the expected price and release date.

Initially, the S22 series was expected in January 2022. However, there is one more model that is missing from the 2021 line-up, namely the Galaxy S21 FE. This will be the cheapest member of the S21 series. This smartphone will reportedly be priced at $700 USD. This will probably result in a European price of about € 750. This device will be presented at the beginning of January, after which the release will take place a week later on January 11, 2022.

Release Samsung S22 smartphone serie

Galaxy fans then have to wait another month before the Galaxy S22 series is also revealed. Production of the new line-up will start in the first week of December. The new lineup will most likely be announced in early February 2022.

Samsung will do a big Galaxy Unpacked set up an event, where the press may or may not be present virtually. The event will also be available to everyone via a live stream. All new functions will be discussed in detail during the event. All details regarding price and availability will also be shared at that time.

After the official product presentation, the pre-order period will start, which will last just under two weeks. The will probably Galaxy S22 release take place on Friday, February 18, 2022, from that moment on you can buy the three models in the store.

A week later, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 kicks off in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The new models will be exhibited during the world’s largest telecom fair, including the S21 FE.

Samsung S22 price

Galaxy S22 price forecast

Last year, Samsung managed to surprise friend and foe by marketing the Galaxy S21 cheaper than its predecessor. The device was reduced in price by €150, which came down to a suggested retail price of €850 (8GB/128GB). However, on the other hand, several functions were also removed.

The mobile phone was equipped with a Full HD display and a plastic back panel. Also, the charger removed from the sales package. The Plus model was also put on the market for a lower price, for €1,050 you got access to 12GB/128GB memory. The Ultra model had a suggested retail price of €1,250 (12GB/128GB) at launch.

However, the price reduction has not had the desired effect, as sales of the S21 series have never been this low in the entire history of the S series. The question now is; at what price will the Samsung S22 models be put on the market?

It seems very likely that Samsung is going to implement another price increase. All models are likely to be $100 more expensive on the market. In Europe, this will likely translate into a price increase of €100. For now, however, only the US prices have been leaked. Below is an overview of the expected dollar prices and the probable euro prices.

Expected price Samsung Galaxy S22 line-up:

  • Galaxy S22 (8GB/128GB) : € 950 / $ 900
  • Galaxy S22 Plus (12GB/128GB) : €1.150 / $ 1.100
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (12GB/128GB) : €1.350 / $ 1.300

For comparison, below are the euro and dollar prices of the S21 series:

  • Galaxy S21 (8GB/128GB) : € 850 / $ 800
  • Galaxy S21 Plus (12GB/128GB) : €1.050 / $ 1.000
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra (12GB/128GB) : €1.250 / $ 1.200

It is expected that most phone models will increase in price next year, partly due to the persistent chip shortages. As a result, manufacturers have to pay significantly more for the processor.

Samsung Galaxy S22 pre-order

Galaxy S22 pre-order periode

During the presale, Samsung often gives a present to everyone who buys a Galaxy S22. Normally, the brand also introduces new Galaxy Buds simultaneously with the S-series devices, these are often given as a gift during the pre-order period.

This time, however, the wireless earbuds will not be presented simultaneously with the S22 series. Next year, the South Korean manufacturer seems to have two new earplugs in the planning. The Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and the Galaxy Buds Live 2.

The Buds Pro 2 is expected in the second quarter of 2022. The Buds Live 2 will be announced in the third quarter. By that time we will be in August, when Samsung will set up a second Galaxy Unpacked event. Presumably, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Watch 5 are officially introduced. However, it is far from that yet.

It remains to be seen what kind of pre-order promotion Samsung will set up for the new S-series devices. The Galaxy Buds 2 included, which will be released in August this year simultaneously with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on Galaxy Z Flip 3 were presented. It is also possible that Samsung decides to include a charger – it will not be included as standard. Samsung is expected to release a 45W adapter will announce, a Power Adapter Trio with 65W support is also expected.

It remains unclear how quickly the S22 smartphones can be charged. The S21 models support 25W fast charging. Rumor has it that this will remain the same for the new base model. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, on the other hand, will probably offer 45W support – just like the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra introduced in 2020.

The necessary information is now also known about the colours. The base model and the Plus will be released in four colors: black, white, green and rose gold. The Ultra model will also be available in four colors; black, white, green and dark red.

Presumably the green color differ from the basic and Plus model compared to the Ultra model. The latter is usually provided with a darker color palette that better suits business users. It is unclear whether Samsung also makes a series of exclusive custom colors available, which can only be ordered via the website. That was the case with the S21 series.


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