Samsung Galaxy S21 fully revealed by this leak from @onleaks

Samsung Galaxy S21 is the new top-of-the-range smartphone expected by the Korean giant for the beginning of 2021; so much has already been said about this device, with a lot of information that has emerged from the most disparate sources, but today instead of talking we just look: here is what the new Samsung Galaxy S21, in many renderings.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is shown in the first renderings

The renders were published by @onleaks, certainly not the latest arrival, and although they are not official we can still give them some credit for credibility; the images show a Samsung Galaxy S21 which is especially striking for the photographic sector main, with an innovative and never before seen arrangement: the module goes on indeed from the metal frame of the smartphone, extending to the rear.

Inside the module we find 3 cameras, while the flash has been placed outside, directly on the back side. On the front is a flat 6.2-inch panel, with a single hole in the top center for the front camera.

The dimensions of Samsung Galaxy S21 would be 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm, a thickness that becomes 9 mm if we also consider the camera module.

Last but not least, @onleaks corroborates the hypothesis of an early arrival for Samsung’s new lineup: its sources report a launch expected as early as January 2021

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