Samsung Galaxy S21 – fast charging with 25W?

Samsung fast charging doesn’t necessarily have to be fast. At least, there are many indications of it in the context of the upcoming flagship of the Korean concern, the Galaxy S21 model. The data coming straight from the certification agencies is very disappointing.

As Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo vie for the leader’s seat in the context of fast charging and race in the possibilities of further technologies that enable instant recharging of battery power, Samsung clearly has all the competition deep in the nose.

Because when Xiaomi openly says that we should see next year the first devices enabling the use of power up to 100WThere are many indications that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be far behind in this context.

According to information from the 3C certification agency, Galaxy S21 will offer us fast charging with a power of only 25W. And although we will probably find a fast charger in the box that allows you to take advantage of these parameters, to be completely honest – this is not what we expected from the flagship of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

The lack of innovation over the Galaxy S20 is disappointing

Samsung Galaxy S21/fot. Concept Creator via Sammobile

Thus, in this matter, practically nothing will change since the debut of the Galaxy S20, which offered exactly the same parameters. Many expected a power of at least 45W, which is the same as the model allowed for charging the battery Galaxy S20 Ultra – probably the S21 Ultra will also have the same value.

This is very disappointing information and I would like to believe that it will not be confirmed in reality, but at the same time … I do not expect anything else. And it happens when the debutant OnePlus 8T offers us the possibility of topping up energy with a power of 65W.

Something’s wrong here, Samsung. Making fun of Apple and adding a quick charger to the set is not always enough.



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