Home Technology Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has more RAM than a PC

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has more RAM than a PC

The official presentation of the new Samsung Flagship smartphones on February 11 are getting closer and the rumors about the Galaxy S20 condense. The Samsung expert Max Weinbachwho has already taken the first photos of the Samsung S20 leaks from the developer conference XDA Developers, now shared Twitter first technical details of the smartphone.

According to that Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G model has an SD card slot for up to 1 TB storage get and with either 128, 256 and 512 Gigabyte Available space. The big specialty of the premium version of the smartphone is said to be R.A.M. Be memory. This includes either 12 or 16 Gigabyte and beats many with it computer, The predecessor S10 + came with 8 or 12 Gigabyte R.A.M., the iPhone 11 Pro manages with 4 GB.


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