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Samsung Galaxy S10e and Note 10, the price drops sharply 🔥

The Samsung Galaxy S10e and Note 10 do not escape the sales this Monday morning: These two high-end smartphones belong to the latest generation of phones from the Korean manufacturer. Now is the time to change your phone. Please note, it is important to note that with such a promotion, stocks will necessarily be limited, the Galaxy S10e and Note 10 should not remain on promotion for long.

For these winter sales, the Samsung Galaxy S10e and Note 10 are on sale on Amazon. It is important to note that the first phone is extremely recent, indeed it was unveiled by the Korean giant during the MWC in Barcelona which took place last February, so less than a year ago. The second model, larger, was unveiled in early August. So it’s all the more surprising to see them in sales in early January.

If you buy this Samsung Galaxy S10e or Note 10 on sale today, you also benefit from the traditional manufacturer’s warranty. But again, to take advantage of such a low price during the sales, you’ll have to be quick. The more time passes, the more shortages are felt. Such a promotion on the Galaxy S10e is so attractive that there won’t be something for everyone.

The Galaxy S10e and Note 10 ranges are on sale

During the sales Samsung can afford to drop the price of its Galaxy S10e by a few hundred euros. Therefore, you can have this high-end smartphone for less than € 500, which is a value for money at the top. Such an offer therefore makes it possible to have fun, even if Christmas is over. Like every year, physical stores will be overwhelmed during this sales period, which is why it is much easier to order your Samsung Galaxy S10e on sale on the internet.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is none other than the light version of the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, all belong to the family of premium smartphones of the manufacturer. As we explained, the Galaxy S10e on sale is positioned as the most accessible smartphone of the three. As Apple does with its iPhone XR, its main advantage is its excellent value for money, which only gets better during the sales.

In 2019, Samsung also introduced another even more prestigious range that includes the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. However, the Galaxy S10 remains much more accessible and much more general public. Those for whom, even during the sales, find that the price is still too high, there remains the Galaxy A range which starts at 150 euros. However, for a Samsung Galaxy S10e, the promotions are really ultra attractive.

The positive point of buying your Galaxy S10e or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on promotion on the internet is that all merchants must offer a period with a right of withdrawal. For example, Cdiscount lets you return the package and get a refund within 15 days if you are unhappy. At Amazon, this period is even 30 days, including during sales.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e at unbeatable prices

To learn more about the technical aspects of this smartphone, we invite you to read our precise file, in this article we will go to the basics. All you have to remember is that the Samsung Galaxy S10e on sale stands out from its big brothers with its compact appearance, which is a significant criterion knowing that more and more users want to find smaller smartphones , more manageable, with better grip.

It should also be noted that this smartphone offers an excellent screen-to-screen ratio, for example, the Korean manufacturer had the intelligence to place the front photo sensor in a punch and not in a traditional notch. When we talk about the photo, it must be said that the Galaxy S10e on sale has an excellent device. Another reason not to miss it during the sales. If you are still not convinced, this smartphone is equipped with a jack, which becomes extremely rare on competing models of the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

To put it simply, the Samsung Galaxy S10e which is currently on sale remains the most accessible of this luxury range, while incorporating the unrivaled know-how of the world number 1. If you want to know more, all the technical characteristics of the smartphone can be found on our product sheet, in case you want to learn a little more about this product before buying it.

Here is the list of sales on Amazon:

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