Samsung Galaxy Buds Waterproof Neckband Earbuds

Samsung is developing Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds with a handy neckband, so you can also use the earbuds underwater while swimming.

Samsung has regularly introduced new earbuds in recent years, which often arrive simultaneously with a series of new smartphone models. Think of the Galaxy Buds Live which at the time of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was announced, or the Galaxy Buds Pro which simultaneously with the Galaxy S21 series was revealed. Recently, the Galaxy Buds 2 released together with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable smartphones and the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches.

In addition to the Galaxy Buds wireless Bluetooth earbuds, Samsung also produces U Flex headphones. These are wireless earbuds with a flexible neckband – useful during exercise. Although the earplugs have improved considerably in terms of sound quality over time, to this day the earplugs are not suitable for use in the pool. Because the earbuds are completely wireless and have a battery, the earbuds can only hold a limited amount of water treaties.

Samsung has now come up with something for that. The South Korean manufacturer is developing wireless earphones that can optionally be used with a neckband for underwater use while swimming.

Samsung Galaxy Buds with neckband for swimming

It concerns a utility patent that was filed on March 3, 2021 by Samsung Electronics with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The documentation entitled ‘Wearable device that can be worn on ears of user, and accessory for supporting communication thereof’ was published on September 10, 2021.

The extensive documentation describes in detail how Samsung wants to develop earplugs that can also be used underwater, for example while swimming.

The phone shown in the patent images shows a lot of similarities with the Galaxy S10+. The Buds shown are identical to the Galaxy Buds Plus, which were available at the time of the Galaxy Note 10 series was announced. However, the images are for illustration purposes only, of course this technology could also be used for other shaped earplugs.

The wireless earbuds from Samsung have multiple built-in microphones, sensors and a 2-way speaker. A touchpad is also included, similar to the Buds Plus. All functionalities and possibilities correspond. The unique thing is that Samsung has developed an extra accessory for it, which makes it possible to use the wireless earphones underwater. It is a flexible neckband.

The user can click the back of the earphones into the hollow neckband, after which the earphones can also be used underwater and wireless communication remains possible. Thus, measurements can also be taken during use, which the user can view in real time while swimming. Think of health information, such as speed, a momentum check or calorie calculation.

Samsung Buds

Whether Samsung will actually release such a neckband accessory for its Galaxy Buds in the future remains unknown. It is clear that the South Korean is looking for solutions to be able to use the earplugs underwater as well.

The Galaxy Buds Pro, introduced earlier this year, have the highest IP rating to date. It concerns an IPX7 standard, which means that the earphones are resistant to clean water for a maximum of 30 minutes, up to a depth of 1 meter. However, use in the pool is discouraged by Samsung. While the newly developed earphones can be used in the swimming pool.

Nevertheless, the Buds Pro are by far the most water-resistant earbuds from Samsung. The other Buds models, including the recently introduced Galaxy Buds 2, only have an IPX2 rating. The Galaxy Watch smartwatches however, are water resistant. It is therefore possible that in the future also the Galaxy Buds can join the pool.

Download documentation Samsung Galaxy Buds with neckband.

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