Samsung Electronics, surplus of 36 trillion won, doubled its executive salary last year

The flag of Samsung Electronics is fluttering at the Samsung Electronics Seocho office building in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Reporter Woo Sang-jo

It was found that the annual salary of major executives of Samsung Electronics, which posted a surplus of 36 trillion won last year and sales of 236 trillion won, doubled. According to the data submitted by Samsung Electronics to the Financial Services Commission on the 18th, the total amount of remuneration paid by Samsung Electronics to 11 registered directors (5 inside directors and 6 outside directors), including Kim Ki-nam, Vice Chairman of the Device Solutions (DS) Division, was 33.7 billion won last year. It was counted. Considering that Samsung Electronics paid a total of 17.9 billion won to 11 registered directors in 2019, it has doubled.

In the case of outside directors, the remuneration is fixed in accordance with the’Outside Director Treatment Regulations’, so the increased remuneration is mostly attributed to the company’s main management, inside directors. From 2013, it became mandatory to disclose the remuneration of registered directors.

Last year, Samsung Electronics’ outside director composition was the same as in 2019. Former Minister of Strategy and Finance, Park Jae-wan, and six outside directors of Samsung Electronics received about 900 million won in remuneration in 2019. Accordingly, it is estimated that the remuneration of the five major executives of Samsung Electronics, who were named as registered directors, including Vice Chairman Kim Ki-nam, received about 32.8 billion won last year. It is worth an average of 6.56 billion won per person.

Currently, Samsung Electronics’ internal directors are Ki-Nam Kim, Vice Chairman Kim Hyun-seok, CEO of Consumer Electronics (CE) Division, Dong-jin Ko, President of IT & Mobile (IM) Division, Jong-hee Han, President of Video Display (VD) Division, and Yoon-Ho Choi, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

In 2019, Vice Chairman Kim Ki-nam’s salary was 1.37 billion won, bonuses of 1.96 billion won, and other earned income of 120 million won, including welfare benefits, was 3.45 billion won, which was the highest among registered directors at the time. In addition, CEO Dong-jin Ko received 2.83 billion won, President Hyun-seok Kim received 2.58 billion won, and Lee Sang-hoon, former chairman of the Samsung Electronics Board of Directors, received 3.14 billion won in 2019.

Reporter Jeong Hye-jeong [email protected]

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