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Samsung Electronics unveils’Galaxy Buds Pro’, which combines the most premium performance and design among Galaxy wireless earphones, at’Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2021′, and will be released in Korea on the 15th.

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ features an immersive audio experience, clear call quality, intelligent ANC (Active Noise Canceling), and enhanced connectivity between various devices in a modern and stylish design.

President Roh Tae-moon, head of the wireless business division of Samsung Electronics, said, “As people are looking for technology to adapt to new everyday life and lifestyle, the wireless earphone market continues to grow and people’s expectations are rising.” “Galaxy Buzz Pro is a small Samsung’s technological innovation is concentrated in the earphones, and it provides an optimal user experience in any situation.”

□ Provides the best audio experience and call quality

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ provides the best premium audio experience ever with a dynamic yet balanced sound.

The 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter deliver deeper bass and richer treble, providing a comprehensive sound experience. From hip-hop to classical music, regardless of the genre, you can enjoy music as intended by the artist anytime, anywhere.

In addition,’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ has improved call quality.

Three microphones and VPU (Voice Pickup Unit, Voice Pickup Unit) separate the user’s voice from unnecessary sound so that you can hear it as clearly as possible. One of the external microphones is a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). ) High, effectively removing background noise.

In particular, Wind Shield technology is applied for the first time in the Galaxy Buzz series, providing unprecedented quality of calls even outside the windy environment.

□ Equipped with the most advanced intelligent ANC

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ is equipped with the most advanced intelligent ANC function among wireless earphones (True Wireless Stereo), reducing unnecessary noise and allowing users to better hear what they want to hear.

When the user wants to concentrate on a task or take a complete break, turning on the ANC function in the Galaxy Buzz Pro reduces external noise by up to 99%. Samsung Electronics has been verified by UL, a global certification body.

On the contrary, the Ambient Sound function of’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ amplifies the ambient sound up to 20 decibels (dB) in 4 steps, allowing you to talk or listen to announcements without removing the earphones from your ears.

In particular,’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ automatically switches between the ANC function and the ambient sound listening function by recognizing the user’s speech. For example, when a user speaks, it recognizes it and automatically switches to the ambient sound listening function and reduces the volume of music being played.

□ Rich entertainment experience by linking with various Galaxy devices

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ provides a richer entertainment experience by seamlessly connecting to various Galaxy ecosystems.

The auto switch function is newly supported, so users do not need to separately connect wireless earphones to the Galaxy smartphone and tablet each time.

For example, if you are watching a video by linking’Galaxy Tab S7′ and’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ and a call comes in to’Galaxy S21′, you can call without removing’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ or reconnecting to your smartphone I can. When the call ends, the wireless earphones immediately switch to the tablet, and the video you were watching is played again.

360 audio with Dolby Head TrackingTM technology provides an immersive feeling as if you are in the middle of a scene when viewing various video content such as movies and TV, and provides a more realistic game mode that reduces audio latency. I provide a gaming experience

When shooting a video with a smartphone, you can simultaneously record the user’s voice with the’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ and the background sound with the smartphone. For example, while explaining a recipe, you can create a cookroom video that vividly contains the sound of preparing ingredients or cooking food.

□ Use of eco-friendly materials in a unique and stylish design

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ has evolved into a more sophisticated and ergonomic design while inheriting the innovative and unique design of’Galaxy Buzz Live’.

Kernel-type wireless earphones provide an enhanced audio experience and minimize external protrusion, making it more natural when worn on the ear. It provides a comfortable fit by reducing the contact area between the ear and the earphone.

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ is designed to reduce waste by using 20% ​​post-consumer materials (PCM) recycled waste plastic, and supports IPX7, the highest waterproof grade among Galaxy Buzz products.

In addition, it supports SmartThings Find, so you can quickly and easily find the location of each earbud even if the Bluetooth connection is disconnected.

When fully charged, it supports up to 8 hours of playtime, and when combined with the wireless charging case, it supports up to 28 hours of playtime. Even when using the ANC function, it provides up to 5 hours and 18 hours of play time, respectively. It supports quick charging, so you can play for 1 hour with just 5 minutes of charging.

‘Galaxy Buzz Pro’ will be released on January 15 in three colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Violet, and the price is 239,000 won.

Starting from 1 p.m. on January 15, it can be purchased at offline stores such as Samsung Electronics’ homepage, Coupang, 11th Street, and other online open markets. In commemoration of the release, Samsung Electronics’ homepage presents a special cover of’Anycall’ that stimulates retro sensibility, and various purchase benefits such as Simpson, Star Wars, and Kakao character covers for each online retailer, and premium leather covers for Digital Plaza.

※ Product detailed specifications

※ The specifications of this product’s functions, performance, design, price, and components are subject to change during mass production and release. Some features will be available after the latest software update.
※ The ANC performance of’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ is UL verified to block up to 99% of background noise in the 118.43Hz band.

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' 3 product images

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' 3 product images

▲ Samsung’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ 3 product images

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' Phantom Violet Color Product Image

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' Phantom Violet Color Product Image

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' Phantom Violet Color Product Image

▲ Samsung’s’Galaxy Buzz Pro’ Phantom Violet color product image

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' in use

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' in use

Samsung'Galaxy Buzz Pro' in use

▲ Using Samsung’s Galaxy Buzz Pro

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