Samsung Again Shows Dominance in the Global Smartphone Market

Counterpoint Research reports that in August this year, Samsung has widened its market share gap with Huawei. Samsung has recorded a market share of 22% of global smartphone sales for the month.

Compared to April, Samsung only gained a market share of 20% and Huawei was slightly higher, namely April 21%. In August it fell sharply and was at 16%. Of course, this is an interesting note that can be achieved by Samsung.

As we know, several months of this year have been difficult times for a number of smartphone manufacturers, especially when India is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to increase sharply. However, Samsung managed to “rebound” when the Indian government reopened its locks in July and August.

In addition, Counterpoint Research also noted that Samsung has achieved an advantage when there was tension between India and China. This is helping the South Korean electronics giant to achieve its best performance in India since 2018 thanks to aggressive online marketing.

One thing that is quite interesting if we look at Apple’s market share. Yes! The tech giant under Tim Cook managed to maintain a market share of 12% in April and August. It is hoped that with the launch of the iPhone 12 series we will see an increase in market share until the last quarter of this year.

Although Apple’s newest iPhones have arrived a little later this year, 2020’s bestsellers such as the iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 11 have at least kept sales steady until recently. Even so, Apple has to work harder to market the entire new iPhone line.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has been good at seeing gaps and in August this year its market share rose to 11%, from earlier in April it only reached 8%. Yes! Xiaomi (along with OPPO) has managed to fill the remaining void in the European market after Huawei’s market share has decreased.

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