Samsung 75 “Smart TV 4K Crystal UHD TV

Samsung 75 “inch 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV Series 8- 75TU8000 | Color and detail designed for you

Expression of crisp and vivid colors

Immerse yourself in the picture with a wider range of colors. Crystal Display guarantees optimized color expression so that you can see every subtlety.

tv samsung 75

See the picture, not the TV

The clean and elegant design gives you the purest image. Designed in a minimalist style that looks natural from all angles, this bezel-less TV sets new standards and gives you the most immersive movie experience yet.

tv samsung 75

Immerse yourself in reality with 4K UHD resolution

The 4K UHD TV goes beyond normal FHD with 4x the pixels, giving you crisp, crisp images just like you’re in the background.

tv samsung 75

Your new home office

Do your office work on your home TV. Remote Access allows you to wirelessly stream your computer screen to your TV. You can also access your desktop computer to view files or work on documents using Microsoft Office 365, all from the comfort of your couch.

tv samsung 75


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