Samantha Fox marries Linda Olsen after his wife died of cancer seven years ago

  • With his recent wife, Linda Olsen, he had a six-year relationship

  • Myra Stratton, who was his wife, died in 2015 from breast cancer.

  • His song ‘Touch Me’ was number one on the charts in 17 countries, including Spain

Sometimes life gives second chances. Also for love. And if they don’t tell one of the sexual icons of the 1980s, the English artist Samantha Fox, what after losing his wife to cancer in 2015 has found love again.

At 56 years oldFox He has married with his girlfriend Linda Olsen at a complicated moment in his life, since he has revealed that he will have to undergo surgery this month to remove a 10mm growth between his vocal cords.

This wedding is a ray of light in a darker stage for the artistwho has not hesitated to share this beautiful moment with his followers through social networks.

Lights and shadows

After experiencing problems with her singing voice, Fox decided to go to the doctor, and as a result of several tests they found a dangerous lump on the vocal cords that must be removed. “When I saw the lump on the screen, I thought, ‘oh my gosh, that’s not normal’. “It seemed so big. You think of throat cancer right away,” Fox told The Sun.

“The doctor said: ‘We have to get that out as soon as possible. It may be nothing, but it may be.’ I was in a state of shock. My fiancée Linda was with me and she started crying. I’ve cried a lot,” said the artist.

Samantha Fox’s mother, Carole Ann, suffered from breast cancer and his partner and wife, Myra Stratton, also died in 2015 from the disease.

And although his mother will not be able to take him to the altar, the artist has enjoyed the happiness of the ceremony in Essex, with Linda Olsen with whom he had a six-year relationship.

about the icon

You may have met Fox with pop tracks like Touch Me o Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now‘. In the 1980s, Fox was one of the foreign singers who most revolutionized television and the music scene in Spain.

Your subject’Touch Me was number one on the charts of 17 countriesand in Spain with a lot of censorship in sensual content, it caused quite a stir and served to break some stigmas.

Su media relationship with the bullfighter Rafi Camino it also had a lot to do with his presence in the Spanish press. “It is The most handsome boy I’ve ever seen in my life.” Fox said at the time.

Pending to see what happens in the operation, at least you have a few weeks to enjoy the honeymoon.

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