Sam Wilson Confirms What Every Captain America Shares And It’s Perfect

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1

Since Steve Rogers first took over, there have been a number of alternate iterations of Captain Americaincluding Rogers successor Sam Wilson who recently confirmed what each version of Captain America has in common – and that’s perfect.

Sam Wilson first became Captain America in Captain America #25 by Rick Remender, Carlos Pacheco and Stuart Immonen. After Steve Rogers was stripped of his super soldier serum, he quickly began to grow old, which resulted in him resigning from Captain America and passing the baton to Falcon who merged the look of Captain America. with his pre-existing wingsuit. While Steve was able to take over the shield in a later issue, Sam Wilson appropriated the title of Captain America and still wears the star and stripes to this day.

In Captain America: Symbol of Truth by Tochi Onyebuchi and RB Silva, Captain America by Sam Wilson, and Falcon by Joaquín Torres are on a mission to stop a criminal organization from transporting super soldier serum using information provided by Misty Knight. When the criminals seemingly set up an ambush on Falcon and Captain America, Sam is knocked unconscious – how the issue brings fans as Misty first tells Sam about the illegal shipment of the Super Soldier Serum, which s turns out to be more revealing. than originally assumed. Wilson meets with Misty to go over the details of the mission, and during the conversation Knight offers her to join his freelance team and earn real money with her skills and give up being Captain America. Sam tells him he could never lower the shield saying, “I like kicking Nazis too muchto which Misty replies, “Typical of Captain America #%$&.

While Sam’s comment might seem flippant, it was actually incredibly revealing about what really makes someone Captain America. Going back to the origin of the character, Captain America literally punches Hitler in the face on the cover of Captain America Comics #1, an iconic image drawn by Jack Kirby. This image was distributed to the masses during World War II in 1941, and even after more than eighty years, this image perfectly encapsulates what Captain America represents: hitting the Nazis – something confirmed by Same Wilson’s comment in this number.

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From the origin of Captain America showing Steve Rogers punching Hitler in the face to Sam Wilsonthe continuation of the Nazi tradition of punches, Sam confirms what each Captain America share, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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