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ON STAGE: Subwoolfer came in tenth place during this year’s Eurovision.

Sam Ryder (32) represented Great Britain in this year’s Eurovision final. In a radio interview, he has said that Ben Adams (40) is part of Subwoolfer.


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In an interview with Magic Radio breakfast, Sam Ryder said, according to Daily Mail, that he saw Ben Adams in Turin during Eurovision.

– I saw Ben take a croissant at the buffet, and thought: “Wait, what are you doing here?”, Ryder said during the interview.

– I did not get the chance to ask him because I did not want to let him know that I knew who he was.

It has been a long time wondered if Ben Adams was hiding behind the Subwoolfer-mask together with Gaute Ormåsen.

– So while talking to this guy in a wolf mask, I thought to myself: “I know you’re Ben from A1, but I do not want to tell you that I know,” Ryder said in the interview.

Sam Ryder took the UK all the way to second place in this year’s Eurovision final.

Did you read this? Gaute Ormåsen and Ben Adams’ cars parked at Subwoolfer recording

Subwoolfer came in tenth place in this year’s Eurovision, but they continue to keep their identity hidden and have not yet cast their masks.

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