Salvini: “I’m sure the government will fall, they don’t agree on anything”

27 September 2020 23:03

The leader of the Lega to “Live – Non è la dʼUrso”: “They will go home because they will discover that the Italians need answers”

“This government will fall for its quarrels, they don’t get along on anything.” The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, touches on several topics in his face to face with five celebrities a “Live – It’s not the d’Urso”. For Salvini, the alliance between Cinque Stelle and the Democratic Party will not last long, despite the 3-3 obtained in the recent regional elections: “They will go home because they will discover that Italians need answers. I’m sure of it “. Then a joke on the statements of Prime Minister Conte, who closed the renewal of”Quota 100″: “He gave the right to retirement and work to many Italians. Cancel it? They will have to pass, democratically speaking, on our bodies”.

For what concern center right, Salvini ruled out the possibility of a leadership change with Zaia, true triumph in Veneto: “Zaia has swept away in his region and we are very satisfied with him – he explained in the studio – but he will be the governor of Veneto for the next five years because we are serious people. He has been elected and will be in his place for his entire mandate “. Finally, the former minister also spoke about the salary increase obtained by the INPS president, Tridico: “It seems normal to you that the president ofInps the salary is increased while the layoffs of many Italians are still not paid after 5 months? “


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