Salvini disputed in Legnano: “Return the 49 million”

Legnano (Milan) – A showy number 49 stands right in front of the stage from which Matteo Salvini speaks in Legnano, province of Milan. Rally in support of the candidate for mayor Carolina Toia. On the terrace just above the Caffe Farmacia someone has placed two large balloons in the shape of 4 and 9 side by side to evoke the funds of the League which have been lost in the last ten years and on which the judiciary is investigating.

The secretary who talks about immigrants and processes is there in front of them at 30 meters, he can see those golden inflatables well. As soon as he begins to speak, the first and only protest of these two days spent in Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lombardy begins. Friendly lands in which everything had gone smoothly. Until right here, on the outskirts of Milan, a group of about twenty boys, some with “partisan always” T-shirts, starts a chorus: “Thief thief” and shouts at the stage address “return the money”.

Salvini immediately goes to the counterattack, as always: “The left that only knows the subject of the pardon and the protest has already lost.”

The meeting lasts a few minutes. Better move on to selfies.

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Noi non siamo un partito, non cerchiamo consenso, non riceviamo finanziamenti pubblici, ma stiamo in piedi grazie ai lettori che ogni mattina ci comprano in edicola, guardano il nostro sito o si abbonano a Rep:.
Se vi interessa continuare ad ascoltare un’altra campana, magari imperfetta e certi giorni irritante, continuate a farlo con convinzione.

Mario Calabresi
Sostieni il giornalismo
Abbonati a Repubblica




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