Salma Hayek criticized for abuse of filters in her Instagram photo

    A few days ago we were able to see the actress Salma Hayek stepping on the red carpet of the Golden Globes with a spectacular look. That image of her, with her hair up and a Gucci bra that emphasized her curves, seemed spectacular enough to us. And of course, with this recent event in mind, controversy soon arose when seeing the actress’s latest publication on her Instagram profile. Why? Because it looked more like the picture of Body from 2003 than that of the present. It seems that he has gone through the filters and his followers have taken very little to realize. In fact, the publication has been on the net for a few hours because, given the hard hate received, the actress has decided to delete it. And it is that you judge yourselves, this is the image of unretouched reality and Instagram photo.

    Frazer Harrison

    salma hayek photo filters


    “Who is that?”, “You look like you’re 25.” They are some of the softest comments she has received.

    Why does the abuse of filters on social networks affect us so much?

    It must be made clear that you cannot fall into destructive criticism and that everyone can do what they really want with their photos on social networks. But in the case of profiles like that of Salma Hayek or actresses who truly have an influence on their followers, you should be especially sensitive to the abuse of filters. It has been shown that they are a tool that affects the self esteem of the people -especially the youngest- when establishing aesthetic canons that they are unreachable. We all want to see ourselves with smooth skin, without blemishes or blemishes, but we also have to start demanding the acceptance of our bodies as they are. Once we reach this point, we will have won.

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