Salim Group Collaborates with Indosat to Enter Electronic Money Business

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The expansion of the Salim Group conglomerate continues. Recently, the company’s group, through its subsidiary, PT Transactions Artha Gemilang (TAG) entered the electronic money business.

The Salim Group cooperates with PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT) by expanding a server-based electronic money service to cellular users in Indonesia, IMkas. This further adds to Salim’s business ecosystem in the financial sector in addition to digital wallets which are also owned by the company group, namely Pede Ponsel Duit through one of its entities, PT IndoArtha Perkasa Sukses (IAPS).

Director of TAG, Denny Dilham said with the support of digital-based technology, he hopes to provide convenience and access for more people to use digital payment transactions.

“With the support of the network that Indosat Ooredoo has, of course IMkas will have a great opportunity in providing optimal services for consumers throughout Indonesia later,” said Denny, in his official statement, quoted Tuesday (30/11/2021).

Referring to a report from Facebook and Bain Company in 2021, Indonesia showed the highest growth related to digital transformation in the last 2 years in this pandemic era. One important note states that Indonesia continues to grow at the highest rate in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the digital consumer population is expected to grow from 144 million in 2020 to 165 million in 2021. This means that there will be an additional 21 million consumers aged 15 years and over, or a growth of around 15%.

“Of course, the above potential needs to be supported by the adoption of reliable digital payments through the development of electronic money services,” he said.

He added, Indosat Ooredoo and TAG are committed to continuing to develop new forms of digital innovations to make it easier for consumers, MSMEs and companies to conduct financial transactions digitally.

Meanwhile, Chief Commercial Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, Ritesh Kumar Singh said, currently there are 62.3 million Indosat Ooredoo cellular subscribers, almost 70 percent of whom are users of 4G data services.

“Through IMkas, we want to expand Indosat Ooredoo’s service support to more than 275 million Indonesians,” he said.

It is hoped that this collaboration will increase financial inclusion in Indonesia, as well as help empower the Indonesian people’s economy, including MSMEs.

For information only, through the IMkas application, users can make various transactions such as purchasing credit and cellular data packages from various operators, electricity tokens, game vouchers, purchasing insurance for mobile phones, vehicles and life insurance, to paying BPJS contributions.

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