Salif Keïta condemns police brutality and reminds Mohammed VI of his origins

The tragedy of the deaths of several sub-Saharan migrants on the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla continues to raise outrage. After the reactions of several organizations – including the UN, which accused the kingdoms of Morocco and Spain of having used excessive force – it is the turn of public figures to express their indignation. This is the case of Malian singer Salif Keïta, who expressed his anger .

The Malian singer demanded that the King of Morocco react strongly to the brutality that his security forces have shown against migrants trying to reach Spain through the enclave of Melilla.

In his statement, the artist – very touched by this tragedy – referred to the Malian origins of King Mohammed VI. Thus, like several artists, political figures and civil society activists, the Malian singer expressed his disgust after seeing brutal images showing the way in which migrants were treated by Moroccan security forces.

The singer condemned the brutality of the Moroccan police and wanted to point out that Moroccan officials remained unmoved by this tragedy. Salif Keïta then directly challenged King Mohammed VI, who did not speak on the subject.

Salif Keita wrote on his Twitter account: “Sad and inhuman! We expect more from a brother country like Morocco. We call on His Majesty Mohammed VI, of Malian origin, to protect our children and the cruel image of Africans treated like animals will never again be on Moroccan soil! »

It must be said that the Malian singer joins several personalities who have denounced the treatment suffered by sub-Saharan migrants. The migrant drama took place on Friday June 24 on Morocco’s border with the Spanish enclave of Melilla. This tragedy claimed the lives of at least 23 sub-Saharan migrants and injured hundreds more. Moroccan security forces have been accused by several organizations of disproportionate use of force and violence.

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