Saleswomen in supermarkets turn with veils. Customers without them yet

For example, the Billa and Makro chains, for example, have already ordered the wearing of veils on their employees, but most traders have so far applied this measure only regionally according to the risk of infection. All chains follow the regulations of regional hygienic stations and rely on protective plexiglass at the box office. According to their representatives, they continue to adhere to stricter hygiene measures, such as more frequent cleaning or disinfection available to customers and staff.

“Veils are widely worn by our employees in all stores. The measure is valid until further notice, we will follow the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, “spokeswoman Billy Gita Jílková told Práva.

For example, in Kaufland or Lidl, wearing veils is mandatory for employees only in certain regions. “Veils are currently used by employees in stores in Prachatice, Jihlava and in some stores in the Moravian-Silesian Region,” said Iveta Barabášová, Lidl’s spokesperson for stores.

People often don’t keep their distance

According to her, the company acts in this respect in accordance with the regulations of the relevant regional hygienic stations. “All our stores are also equipped with protective partitions with plexiglass at the cash registers and disinfection stands. Last but not least, all stores have markings with warnings of spacing and compliance with two-meter distances, “added Barabášová.

In practice, however, people do not follow the two-meter spacing very much. “In our supermarket, people often stick to each other at the cash registers,” Veronika, a 40-year-old from Let u Dobřichovice, complained to Práva. According to her, at a time when veils were required to be worn, people were more considerate of others.

By regions

“At the moment, the mandatory wearing of veils only applies to certain regions,” said Renata Maierl, a spokeswoman for Kaufland, about the reintroduction of veils. According to her, Kaufland has permanently introduced some above-standard hygiene measures in its stores. “These are plexiglass on the information and cash registers, but we were also the first chain to cover the offer of pastries with a protective cover,” she added.

Globus also reacts regionally depending on the situation in the region. “Even where the veils do not have to be worn, we keep a protective plexiglass screen at all cash registers. We are also aware that wearing a veil is not pleasant in the hot months, “added Globus spokeswoman Lutfia Volfová.

“We are following the current situation very closely and we are constantly monitoring it. We urge customers to adhere to a two-meter safety spacing throughout the purchase, we have protective plexiglass at the cash registers and drapes are mandatory only in places where ordered by the regional hygiene station. We would decide to reintroduce them only according to the current situation. We still have hand disinfection stations in our stores or disposable gloves for unwrapped pastries, “said Václav Koukolíček, a spokesman for Tesco.

Other sellers, such as Penny Market, commented similarly.


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