Sales of Wifi Extender to Headset soaring on Tokopedia, this is the reason page all

JAKARTA, – Shopping online is still the choice of most people to meet their needs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an effort to reduce the potential for transmission of the corona virus.

This also helps boost sales for the company e-commerce. One of them was experienced by Tokopedia, which during the third quarter of 2020 recorded a sales spike in several products in platform this.

VP of Corporate Communications Tokopedia Nuraini Razak said that the current pandemic situation encourages people to continue carrying out activities both at work and school from home. This led to a significant increase in transactions in the computer and laptop categories.

“So wifi extenders, laptop desks, mice, webcams and headsets were recorded as the most purchased products by the public during the third quarter of 2020,” he said in a written statement, Friday (9/10/2020).

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The pandemic situation on the other hand has also encouraged people to read more while at home. This condition resulted in an increase in transactions for the book category.

“Books on self-development, education, religion and fiction books are the most popular products,” he added.

Although sales in the books, computers and laptops category experienced a significant increase, the highest sales were still in five categories, namely food and beverages, health, household, electronics, as well as cellphones and tablets.

Nuraini said that in the food and beverage category, sales had almost tripled during the pandemic.

“Basic food products such as eggs and fish, instant noodles, tea, honey and local coffee are the best selling products,” he said.

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The activities of the people who are more at home also encourage an increase in the household category which is more than 2 times compared to the period before the pandemic. Shoe and sandal holders, air freshener and sleeping pillows are the most popular products.

In the electronics category, products such as smart bulbs, earphones, antennas and TV receivers are the best selling products. Meanwhile in the mobile and tablet categories, supports and tripods for cellular phones, power banks and data cables are the most sought-after products.

“The health category has also increased by almost 2.5 times compared to the previous period. Masks and face shields are still the health products most sought after by the public,” Nuraini explained.

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Public awareness to take care of themselves in the midst of a pandemic has also contributed to an increase in product sales in the categories of body care, beauty, fashion and sports.

In the body care category there was an increase in transactions that reached more than 2 times. Then in the beauty category, local facial serums, creams and facial cleansers are the products most sought after by the public.

“In fact, a local business activist who presents a variety of facial care products, Aubree Skin, has experienced a 10-fold increase in transactions during the July-September 2020 period,” said Nuraini.

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In the men’s and women’s fashion categories, t-shirts, shorts, eyewear accessories, watches, nightgowns and underwear are the most popular. Meanwhile, in the Muslim fashion category, religious equipment, headscarves and robes are the best-selling products.

“While cycling, yoga and pilates, roller skating and skateboarding, golf and table tennis are the five sports activities that triggered a significant increase in product sales in the sports category during the third quarter of 2020,” he concluded.

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