Sales of Panasonic Air Purifier Air Purifier Up 190 percent

Report from Tribun Jabar, Kemal Setia Permana

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Since the community started carrying out instructions for activities from home, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) recorded a surge sales especially air conditioner (AC).

This can be seen from an increase sales Air conditioning in January-March 2020 by 10 percent.

In fact, air purifier air purifier products experienced a significant increase of around 190 percent or equivalent to Rp. 5 billion in January-March 2020 from previously only around Rp. 2.8 billion in January-March 2019 (year on year).

This job is ready to go extinct if it doesn’t innovate, it will be replaced by advanced technology

Panasonic Introduces Nanoe Air Quality Technology at Bandung’s Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

Diana Wijaya, General Manager of Air Conditioner PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI), said that AC Products Panasonic known as environmentally friendly products based on R32 refrigerant and equipped with nanoetmX and nanoe-G technologies which are very good for health.

For Panasonic, AC is not just an air conditioner, but also a total solution to clean and healthy air circulation.

“We continue to strive to provide the best and innovative products, which are tailored to market conditions in Indonesia. Through the launch of this latest generation of air conditioners, we are proud to be able to present high quality tough air conditioning products to the people of Indonesia, “said Diana in a press statement, Wednesday (16/9/2020).

According to Diana, hydroxyl radicals are reactive components found naturally in the troposphere, which are commonly known as nature’s ‘detergents’. This is due to its ability to inhibit pollutants, odors, as well as viruses.

Panasonic Corporation has recently published a verification of the inhibitory effect of hydroxyl radical (OH) contained in water (nano-sized water particles) on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) contained in water are particulate ions containing Hydroxyl Radicals, which are produced by giving high voltage at air humidity.

“Panasonic Corporation in collaboration with the Osaka Prefectural University, has confirmed that hydroxyl radicals (OH) are contained in water and do have an inhibitory effect on the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2),” he said.


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