Sales of Gasoline Motorcycles Stopped in 2040, Cars in 2050

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister ESDM Arifin Tasrif will dismiss motorcycle sales conventional fuel fuel in the next 2040. Furthermore, sales of cars with gasoline will also be discontinued in 2050.

“In 2040, the NRE mix has reached 71 percent and there are no diesel PLT operating, 70 percent LED lights, no conventional motorcycle sales, and electricity consumption reaches 2,847 kWh per capita,” said Arifin in an official statement, Thursday (14/10). ).

This target is a plan that the government has outlined in its roadmap to net zero emission (NZE) in 2060. Before implementing the stoppage of motorcycle sales, the government will first achieve another target.

Initially, the government will stop adding new steam power plant (PLTU) projects except those already contracted or in the construction stage in 2021.

Then, by 2022, the government targets the use of electric stoves in 2 million households per year. Then in 2024, interconnections, smart electricity networks, and smart meters will be built.

By 2025, solar power plants (PLTS) will dominate the new renewable energy (EBT) mix, which accounts for 23 percent of the total national energy. Furthermore, in 2027, the government will stop imports of LNG and NRE to reach 42 percent.

In addition, the gas network reaches 10 million households, 2 million electric cars and 13 million electric motorcycles, distribution of gas fuel (BBG) reaches 300 thousand, and the utilization of dymethyl ether for electricity reaches 1,548 kWh per capita.


Furthermore, in 2031, the operation of the PLTU will begin to enter the first phase of retirement. Then, there is inter-island interconnection, electricity consumption of 2,085 kWh per capita, and an NRE mix of 57 percent in 2035.

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In 2045, the government began to discuss the construction of a nuclear power plant (PLTN). “We are also considering the use of nuclear energy, which is planned to start in 2045 with a capacity of 35 GW until 2060,” he said.

After that, the NRE mix is ​​expected to reach 87 percent by 2050. In the same year, the government will no longer allow the sale of petrol cars and electricity consumption is expected to reach 4,299 kWh per capita.

Finally, in 2060, the NRE mix is ​​expected to reach 100 percent with electricity from PLTS and hydro domination. Then, the distribution of gas networks reached 23 million households, electric stoves 52 million households, and the use of electric vehicles was more massive, and electricity consumption reached 5,308 kWh per capita.

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