Sale of Gallinara: the truth of the Ukrainian tycoon – La Stampa

New important background on the Gallinara affair emerges. «The State has exercised the pre-emption on the villa, but the island remains private with the port, the church and the other buildings. A slap to the buyer. Operation vanished for the engineer Olexandr Boguslayev, resident in the Principality of Monaco, but also a missed opportunity for the territory for its promotion and for its relaunch ».

For the first time it is the lawyer Alberto Cortassa, of the LJLex firm, who followed the acquisition, to specify the intentions of the wealthy Ukrainian-Monegasque client interested in buying Gallinara. It seems that the exercise of the pre-emption was not premeditated by Mibact, but caused by the public denunciation of the sale of the islet by one of the sellers, in contrast with the others. «The result – is the opinion of the lawyer Cortassa – is that all the sellers will have an economic damage, the foreign investor will return to Monte Carlo and the town of Albenga will have lost its billionaire. Engineer Boguslayev was also well aware that the island is subject to various protection measures and knew that nothing could have been built ». The professional would have liked to buy the islet for 30 million euros “without counting the money for the restructuring that would also have benefited the city of Albenga. He certainly did not imagine that in the middle of the Covid crisis the shields of Italianity would have risen to stop such a significant investment “, adds the lawyer.

Liguria, Gallinara remains Italian: the island that was tempting to the Ukrainian magnate

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